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Riga Porcelain Museum©Gvido Kajons
Riga Porcelain Museum©Gvido Kajons
Riga Porcelain Museum©Didzis Grodzs
Riga Porcelain Museum©Didzis Grodzs
Riga Porcelain Museum©Didzis Grodzs

Riga Porcelain Museum

  • Riga, Latvia
  • Museum
Riga Porcelain Museum Riga
Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 - 18:00
+371 67181296
Riga Porcelain Museum©Gvido Kajons
Tickets: Adults 3.50 euros, concessions 1.50 euros, children go free

Riga Porcelain Museum opened its doors on 30th October 2001, with an aim to collect, preserve, study and promote industrial and artistic porcelain works. The museum has the broadest collection of porcelain art and design items that have been manufactured in Riga since the middle of the 19th century until nowadays. The collection dates back to the early 1970s and the foundation of a museum at the Riga Porcelain Factory.

Riga Porcelain Museum©Didzis Grodzs

The factory has its origins in two factories: Sidor Kuznetsov’s porcelain and faience factory (1841), and Jakob Karl Jessen's porcelain factory (1886). Over decades and many name changes, they were joined together as Riga Porcelain Factory. After the liquidation of the factory, its collection was taken over by the Riga Municipality, who had the idea to create Riga Porcelain Museum, which now hosts this historical collection.

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