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© Magdalena Malkov & Lukas Lahoda
© Magdalena Malkov & Lukas Lahoda
© Moser
© Magdalena Malkov & Lukas Lahoda
© Magdalena Malkov & Lukas Lahoda

Moser Museum

  • Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Museum
Moser Museum Karlovy Vary
Monday to Saturday 9:00 - 16:00
+420 353416132
© Moser
Tickets: Adults 130 CZK, families 300 CZK

The Moser Museum in Karlovy Vary allows visitors to experience more than 160 years of history of the best renowned Czech glassworks. From the oldest creations of the legendary founder Ludwig Moser, to the latest collections which are still handcrafted according to the traditional techniques, and pass through as many as forty pairs of hands before their beauty is perfected. A wide selection of glasses, vases, sculptures and sophisticated objects witness the utmost craftsmanship of the Moser Glassworks, well known for the use of lead-free crystal and for the lavish decoration of their creations.

© Moser

The Museum Tour includes a film viewing explaining the uniqueness of glassmaking and an overview of the many international celebrities who were seduced by Moser crystal, including Crowned Heads and movie stars like Sofia Loren and Robert Redford. A visit to the Moser Museum can also be combined with the visit of the manufacturer itself, which is part of the same visitor centre where the museum is located.

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