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©House of Filigree
©House of Filigree
©House of Filigree
©House of Filigree
©House of Filigree

House of Filigree

  • Porto, Portugal
  • Museum
House of Filigree Porto
+351 227662745

House of Filigree opened its doors in 2019 to protect and preserve the art of handmade filigree which has been part of Portugal’s traditional jewellery heritage for centuries. This ancestral technique of twisting thin gold threads into delicate lace-like patterns became seriously endangered when mass produced versions were made possible through injection moulding. To counter this threat, Pedro and Luisa Rosas, who come from a family with rich filigree ties, created a space to defend this noble craft so close to their hearts.

Set in an elegant 19th-century building in Porto’s city centre, the museum presents filigree from the technical expertise to its elegant usage: a selection of historical objects traces the origins of Portuguese filigree providing an all-encompassing experience. Two master artisans work at the bench creating the high-end contemporary filigree pieces that can then be purchased in the in-house boutique. As the key symbol suggests House of Filigree is the keeper of an art that deserves to be nurtured and passed on to future generations.

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