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© Carsten Seidel
© Blinds Arbejde
© Seth Nicolas and Peter Bondo Gravesen
© Carsten Seidel
© Carsten Seidel

Blindes Arbejde

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Shop
Blindes Arbejde Copenhagen
Monday to Friday 11:00 - 17:30 and Saturday 10:00 - 15:00
+45 33123315
© Carsten Seidel

Celebrating the creativity of blind artisans

“Vi Ses Copenhagen” literally means “See You Copenhagen”, a sweet reminder that the impressive collection of practical tools and objects in this shop are made solely by people with visual impairments. Headed by the foundation Blindes Arbejde (Work of the Blind), first class traditional craftsmanship has been kept in alive since 1929. Wooden brushes and brooms for all imaginable purposes, woven fabrics in cotton, linen and wool, as well as wickerwork of bamboo and willow are the three main categories of these highly tactile products made with love and respect for the sense of touch. What’s even better, this is just one of many “See You” shops across Denmark.

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