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© Vasa MuseumSMTM
© Vasa MuseumSMTM
© Vasa MuseumSMTM
© Vasa MuseumSMTM

The Vasa Museum

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Museum
The Vasa Museum Stockholm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.00 -17.00 and Wednesday 10.00 - 20.00
+46 (0)851954880
© Vasa MuseumSMTM
Tickets: adults 17 euros , children under 18 go free

August 10th 1628 the warship Vasa sank on her maiden voyage, in Stockholm harbour before the eyes of a large audience, only minutes after setting sail for the first time. The ship was rediscovered during the 1950s and was salvaged in 1961. At that time the ship had been at the bottom of the ocean for 333 years. During her time at the museum, the warship has been carefully restored to its original condition. Vasa is a craftmanship treasure from the 17th century which reveals a rich history, from life at the shipyard to on board a warship.

© Vasa MuseumSMTM

The Vasa Museum was founded by The Swedish National Maritime Museum and opened in 1990. The museum’s collections contain 40,000 objects, amongst them are beautiful examples of crafted objects from a maritime environment. The Vasa Museum offers detailed information about Vasa and her era.

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