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Workshop tour

  • with Sergio Pedemonte
  • Mele, Italy
  • Guided tour
Workshop tour with Sergio Pedemonte
© All rights reserved

Behind the beauty of bespoke bicycles

2-3 hours* Max 30 peopleFree

During this tour of the Pedemonte factory, Sergio Pedemonte explains how a bespoke handmade bicycle is created, often giving a demonstration to cycling teams, which are their potential customers. On a tour of the factory, Sergio and his team will list the various steps of bicycle making, from the carbon fibre roll to the assembly of the tubes, all of which happens on site. During the tour, visitors will come to understand the great difference between a handmade bike and an industrial one. As an example, when a customer orders a frame, Pedemonte will send photos of it being made, day after day, showing the hard work that goes into the bicycle. Sometimes customers want to test their new bike immediately, perhaps on the famous climb in Liguria, called Turchino. *Only on Saturday morning and by appointment.

Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 0106319298

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