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© Kati Bruder
© Kati Bruder
© Kati Bruder

Work in the studio

  • with Marianne Seiz
  • Vienna, Austria
  • courses
Work in the studio with Marianne Seiz
© Kati Bruder

Benefit from a professional studio

Daily, as requiredFrom 55 euros

Marianne Seiz, the queen of Austrian ceramic tableware, opens up her studio to anyone interested in deepening their expertise in pottery but who don't have their own facilities or workspace. Marianne offers up to six working spaces where everybody can work on the potter’s wheel or on developing glazes in a calm atmosphere. Marianne has four professional potter’s wheels, a big kiln, materials, forms, glazes, plaster, tools, lots of space and a shelf for semi-finished objects. She always gives a helping hand and expertise if requested. Once a month Marianne provides a two-hour workshop for the group on topics they have requested. Prices as follows, per person: Per month (with a one-year-commitment) 170 euros; per single month 420 euros (including a one hour enrolment session) or 290 euros (without enrolment); per single week 250 euros with enrolment or 150 euros without enrolment; per weekend (Fri-Sun) 130 euros with enrolment, 95 without enrolment; per single day 70 euros with enrolment, 55 euros without enrolment.

By appointment only
+43 69917895143

Enjoy an experience with Marianne Seiz

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