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© Cristian Tudor Ioan
© Cristian Tudor Ioan
© Cristian Tudor Ioan

Visit Atelier Arboritm

  • with Cristian Ioan Tudor
  • Blejoi, Romania
  • Guided tour
Visit Atelier Arboritm with Cristian Ioan Tudor
© Cristian Tudor Ioan

Learn about woodworking from a passionate furniture maker

1 hourFree

The furniture maker Cristian Ioan Tudor is open to share his knowledge on woodworking with those of you interested in furniture making and design. Pay a visit to his workshop to find out more about the peculiarities of wood species and the process of creating a piece of furniture with traditional tools and techniques. You are invited to step back in time to discover the secrets of one of the oldest crafts connected to the country's natural riches, such as forests, mountains and rivers. Get a sense of the pieces that are works in progress and inspired by the unique objects that are already on display in the maker’s workshop. You can schedule your visit by email or phone. Coffee or tea are included.

Romanian, English, Japanese
By appointment only
+40 727358585

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