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©Rafaël Trapet
©Rafaël Trapet
©Rafaël Trapet

Visit a tapestry atelier

  • with Atelier Just’lissières
  • Aubusson, France
  • Guided tour
Visit a tapestry atelier with Atelier Just’lissières
©Rafaël Trapet

Discover the art of Aubusson tapestry making

1 hour7 euros per person

Do you know how the sumptuous tapestries which are the pride of Aubusson are made? Do you know the difference between hand knotted Savonnerie rugs and needlepoint tapestries? A visit to the Just’Lissières workshop will allow you to discover the expertise behind the tapestries of Aubusson and their artisanal weaving techniques. Each step of the making process will be explained: selection of the wools, dyeing in the crystal-clear water of the Creuse and weaving entirely by hand on low warp looms. You will also discover traditional weaving tools and the importance of a good collaboration between the cartoon painter, the artist, the dyer and the weaver. Reservation in advance required. The price for adults is seven euros and for children it is two euros.

By appointment only
+33 953596327

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