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©Ganci Argenterie
©Ganci Argenterie
©Ganci Argenterie

Visit a silversmith company

  • with Ganci Argenterie
  • Milan, Italy
  • Guided tour
Visit a silversmith company with Ganci Argenterie
©Ganci Argenterie

Discover the art of silversmithing

1 hour 5-10 peopleFree

Ganci Argenterie is located in the city centre of Milan and is considered one of the most refined manufacturers among the Italian silversmiths. A Ganci family member – they represent the third generation of silversmiths – will introduce visitors to the history of the Ganci family, starting from 1926, when Ganci Carmelo began to produce decorative ceramic holloware embellished with silver details. During the visit you enter the workshop itself, where you learn about the main phases of production, from the raw materials to the tools and techniques used, both ancient and modern. They also demonstrate the chiselling technique used to create their beautiful silver pieces. Visits take place by appointment only.

By appointment only
+39 0258314323

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