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Visit a remèr workshop

  • with Piero Dri
  • Venice, Italy
  • Guided tour
Visit a remèr workshop with Piero Dri
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Discover the art of oar making

45-60 minutes Max 8 people80 euros per group

In Venice an oar maker is known as a “remèr”. The workshop of a remèr is unique in its kind. Stopping to watch the remèr at work is without a doubt a characteristic experience, delving into an ancient world in which art and craftsmanship meet and merge together. It is the ideal place to understand Venice, and to appreciate the importance and the quality of artisan work. A remèr's workshop is a place for exchange of ideas and discussions on technical and sporting themes regarding Venetian-style rowing. Piero Dri tells visitors the story of this ancient craft to make people understand the importance of oars and rowlocks in Venice. Then he explains how they are used, the reason for their special shapes, how they are built and the various processing steps.

Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 0418778823

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