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©Hedi Jaansoo
©Hedi Jaansoo
©Hedi Jaansoo

Translucency - Tallinn Applied Art Triennial

  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • event
Translucency - Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Tallinn
Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 - 19:00
©Hedi Jaansoo
Tickets: Adults 8 euros, concessions 5 euros

The main exhibition of the 2021 Tallinn Applied Art Triennial entitled Translucency is an international contemporary craft exhibition, curated by Danish glass artist and art historian Stine Bidstrup. The exhibition includes 21 craftspeople from the Nordic countries, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Estonia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The exhibition focuses on the phenomenon of translucency – the mysterious and multifaceted area between transparency and opacity.

©Hedi Jaansoo

The artworks on display at the Kai center are conceptual, playful and experimental. Through their pieces the exhibiting artists have explored themes such as presence and absence, the private and the public, individuality and collectivity, time and temporality, politics and language, material decay and structural defects. The exhibition features a variety of fields, techniques and materials such as glass, textile, ceramics, garments, and photography; sculpture, installation, jewellery, and furniture; video, 3D printing and digital design.

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