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Tour the glassworks

  • with Lasvit
  • Nový Bor, Czech Republic
  • Guided tour
Tour the glassworks with Lasvit

An immersive glassblowing experience

30 - 45 minutes Max 15 peopleFree

Lasvit took over the glassworks in Lindava in 2017 and the company has been using it to make components for their giant lighting installations, for producing the utility glass and chandeliers. Visitors can watch the glassmakers pick up the molten glass for their blowing pipes from one of six fireclay pans. Each pan might have a different colour. After blowing, the glass must be slowly cooled down in a special oven. In the neighboring Glassworks Tavern, you can refresh yourself while observing the glassworkers at work at the small kiln, and even blow your very own glass product.

By appointment only
+420 487751613

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