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©Mgr. Katarína Šestinová
©Mgr. Katarína Šestinová
©Mgr. Katarína Šestinová

Blacksmithing course

  • with Dušan Klimo
  • Pliešovce, Slovakia
  • courses
Blacksmithing course with Dušan Klimo
©Mgr. Katarína Šestinová
Beginners Advanced Professional

Take your first steps in blacksmithing

From 2 days Max 3 peopleFrom 200 euros

This course is designed for anyone interested in the world of blacksmithing. It begins with an understanding of the different elements involved, the posture of the artisan, and a theoretical introduction to different types of metal. Participants will learn about the different tools and technological procedures involved in hand forging. Usually, the first product you will learn to make is a nail, the simplest of forged metal objects. Later, you will learn how to make a horseshoe, a candleholder and even try to forge a Celtic knife from soft steel. The capacity of one course is three people, which ensures every participant comes away with an understanding of the basic principles of blacksmithing. The pricing is as follows: 2 days, 200 euros per person; 3 days, 300 euros per person; 5 days, 500 euros per person.

Slovak, English
By appointment only
+421 911298282

Enjoy an experience with Dušan Klimo

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