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© Nadine Poncioni
© Nadine Poncioni
© Marion Luttenberger

Ski making experience

  • with Dominic Haffner
  • Vienna, Austria
  • courses
Ski making experience with Dominic Haffner
© Nadine Poncioni

Make your own bespoke skis

1 day Max 8 peopleFrom 100 euros per person

Dominic Haffner made a disconcerting discovery in the course of learning his new profession: there is no perfect ski, because the perfect ski is custom-made. For this reason, Dominic encourages customers – or would-be customers – to come and discover for themselves the different processes involved in the creation of tailor made skis, and if so desired, assist him in making their own skis. Visitors are welcomed to the workshop before being guided through the various choices of wood, colour and varnish. They will then learn about the CNC machines necessary to the process, as well as the handcrafting involved. Finally, they will discover the process of digitally modelling the skis to the customer's feet, ensuring a perfect fit. It takes a full day to create a finished product. If several pairs of skis need to be produced for a group, the experience can be extended over a weekend.

German, English, French, Spanish
By appointment only
+43 (0)6765410677

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