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©Ospedale Delle Bambole
©Ospedale Delle Bambole
©Ospedale Delle Bambole

Restoration of dolls

  • with Ospedale delle Bambole
  • Naples, Italy
  • courses
Restoration of dolls with Ospedale delle Bambole
©Ospedale Delle Bambole

Assist the doll doctors

60 - 90 minutes15 euros per child

Children are invited to assist the doctors of the Ospedale delle Bambole in a real operation. Depending on their age, budding doctors will be able to try their hand at resuscitation, stain removal, shampooing or styling under the guidance of the Hospital Chief and of the Medical Director. The experience will be shaped by the participants, who will be constantly followed in all phases of the work. Everything needed for the workshop will be made available by the Doll's Hospital. Guests will only have to bring their creativity and their desire to do and learn. The standard tour of the museum is included in the price.

By appointment only
+39 08118639797

Enjoy an experience with Ospedale delle Bambole

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