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©Vasilis Papaioannou
©Vasilis Papaioannou
©Vasilis Papaioannou

Primitive kiln firing

  • with Ilias Christopoulos
  • Messinia, Greece
  • courses
Primitive kiln firing with Ilias Christopoulos
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Learn to build a primitive kiln and fire ceramics

12 hours From 6 people150 euros per person

The primitive kiln made of paper has its roots in primitive firing processes, mainly found in Africa and Mexico. With this firing technique, the flame comes in direct contact with the objects making each one of them unique. The process is influenced by each ceramicist who can create a different methodology of firing or decorating. The construction of the kiln is equally interesting as it requires cooperation between all the participants. In the workshop, after firing the kiln, there is a small celebration with food, drink and music. The workshop lasts two days (10 hours the first day, 2 hours the second day). In the end, participants take with them three objects fired in the primitive kiln.

By appointment only
+30 6972725077

Enjoy an experience with Ilias Christopoulos

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