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©Efthymios Symeou
©Efthymios Symeou
©Efthymios Symeou

Pottery workshop

  • with Efthymios Symeou
  • Larnaca, Cyprus
  • courses
Pottery workshop with Efthymios Symeou
©Efthymios Symeou

Pick up new pottery skills

2-3 hours Max 6 people20 euros per person

Located in the heart of Piale Pasha, near the medieval fort facing the Mediterranean Sea in Larnaka, Cyprus, Efthymios Symeou’s workshop is the perfect spot for the curious hands of any aspiring potter. Thanks to Efthymios’ rich experience and masterful guidance, you will be able to make a piece of your liking – whether it is more functional like a bowl, or more decorative such as a replica of the goddess exhibited in many Cypriot museums. This affordable course makes for a great experience for a small group of people, giving your day a personal touch. It can be organised anytime between November and May and does not require any previous experience.

Greek, English, Swedish
By appointment only
+357 24650338

Enjoy an experience with Efthymios Symeou

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