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© Melanie Van der Donk
© Melanie Van der Donk
© Melanie Van der Donk

Pottery course

  • with Melanie van der Donk
  • Vienna, Austria
  • courses
Pottery course with Melanie van der Donk
© Melanie Van der Donk
Course 1 Course 2

An introduction to ceramics

45 hours (15 classes) 8 -11 people324 euros per person

Melanie van der Donk, whose ceramics are inspired by Bontjes van Beek and early Korean and Chinese vessels with their deep, often monochrome overglazes, offers two six-month courses in pottery; each comprises 15 classes of 3 or 4 hours each. Participants will learn about sculpting, plating techniques and working on the potter’s wheel, as well as the fundamentals of overglaze technologies, one of Melanie's specialisms. The courses take place at the artistic adult education centre in Vienna, where all necessary equipment is provided. The course is regularly scheduled at the beginning of each semester, in September and March. Firing costs 2 euros per kg.

German, English
By appointment only
+45 6769201745

Enjoy an experience with Melanie van der Donk

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