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© Fedoskino Manufactory
© Fedoskino Manufactory
© Fedoskino Manufactory

Order your own miniature

  • with Fedoskino
  • Mytishchi, Russia
  • Guided tour
Order your own miniature with Fedoskino
© Fedoskino Manufactory

A custom-made lacquered miniature

From 30,000 rubles per piece

After a tour of the factory, why not order a special gift? A portrait of your loved one (or yourself), based on your favourite photograph, a landscape or landmark that you feel especially close to, a subject that you find inspiring or an image of your pet: any of those can be turned into a marvellous lacquered miniature box or casket, which will be created especially for you. You could also sketch your design for the future work. Together with the master you will choose the subject, the shape, the size, the techniques, the colours and the decoration, while preserving the signature Fedoskino style of lacquered miniature painting. It takes at least two months for the artisan to create the item.

By appointment only
+7 9663443277

Enjoy an experience with Fedoskino

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