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Mask making masterclass

  • with Dimitri Shabalin
  • Moscow, Russia
  • courses
Mask making masterclass with Dimitri Shabalin

Create a bespoke designer mask

6 hours 1 person3,000 euros

Try your hand at the mysterious art of mask making under the guidance of the star of Russian mask making, Dimitri Shabalin. This 26-year-old artisan gained international recognition for his lavish state-of-the-art masks, which fuse together semi-precious stones, Soviet memorabilia, bizarre antiques and just about anything else that can tell a great story. You are welcome to bring your own meaningful memorabilia to include in the design of your mask. Please contact Dimitri in advance to discuss the concept of your mask. He will take two days after the course to complete the work. By appointment only.

Russian, English
By appointment only
+7 (966) 322 77 99

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