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© Giedrius Kuzmickas
© Judita Grigelytė
© Giedrius Kuzmickas

Linen weaving workshop

  • with Jūratė
  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • courses
Linen weaving workshop with Jūratė
© Judita Grigelytė
1 hour 2 hours

Learn the secrets of linen weaving

1 hour Max 8 people15 euros per person

Weaving is one of the oldest ways of making textiles. During the one hour-long workshop, the artisans in the studio tell you about this amazing craft. Learn where linen fabric production begins. See how much diligence, time, and patience it takes to create flax fibre out of a flax seed, which eventually turns into a thread. Together with the craftspeople walk the whole ‘linen journey’, and then try weaving on a traditional Lithuanian weaving loom.

By appointment only
+370 52314005

Enjoy an experience with Jūratė

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