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Knife making workshop

  • with Krišjānis Grīnbergs
  • Raiskuma, Latvia
  • courses
Knife making workshop with Krišjānis Grīnbergs
©All rights reserved

Learn all about knives

16 hours Max 3 peopleFrom 299 euros

During this course, Krišjānis Grīnbergs will teach traditional knife forging, grinding and handle making. The end result will be a functional knife for everyday use - a kitchen knife or a knife for outdoor adventures. For outdoor knives, you will also learn the basic leathercraft by creating a knife sheath. It is an opportunity to gain an insight into traditional and modern metallurgy by making yourself a tool that suits you, and learn about the types of knives, their differences, sharpening, and care. By the end, you will have a complete understanding about the construction of knives and how their shapes correspond to their use.

Latvian, English, Russian
By appointment only
+371 29400668

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