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© Ligita Auzere
© Ligita Auzere
© Ligita Auzere

Jewellery making course

  • with Oļegs Auzers
  • Rīga, Latvia
  • courses
Jewellery making course with Oļegs Auzers
© Live Silver Museum-3
Group Individual

A day in the life of a jeweller

1 day Max 10 people200 euros per person

If you are curious to take a peak inside the everyday life and work of a jeweller, this masterclass is for you! This one day experience will get you acquainted with the basics of jewellery making, as well as teach you about silver and how to handle it. Under the guidance of master artisan Oļegs Auzers you will learn soldering, engraving and other essential skills when working with metals. At the end, you will leave the workshop with a badge or other little creation that you have designed and made all by yourself. The masterclass must be scheduled in advanced.

Latvian, English, Russian
By appointment only
+371 26609209

Enjoy an experience with Olegs Auzers

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