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©Ioanna Morfinou
©Ioanna Morfinou
©Ioanna Morfinou

Introduction to natural dyeing

  • with Christiana Vardakou
  • Neo Psichiko, Greece
  • courses
Introduction to natural dyeing with Christiana Vardakou
©Ioanna Morfinou

Learn to create colourful dyes

4,5 hours Max 6 people65 euros per person

Textile designer Christiana Vardakou shares her knowledge of colours and natural dyeing techniques in a collective workshop. During the four-hour course, participants learn how to create different colours based on four natural elements: marigold flower, onion skin, oak bark and madder roots. The different shades are then tested on natural fabrics and yarns such as linen, silk, wool, or cotton. Each student leaves the class with their botanically dyed swatch book, collecting all the colourful experiments. Moreover, a theoretical part concludes the course; Christiana talks about different plants and the whole process of natural dyeing.

Greek, English
By appointment only
+30 2106772979

Enjoy an experience with Christiana Vardakou

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