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©Caroline Dejonghe
©Caroline Dejonghe
©Caroline Dejonghe

Initiation to leather

  • with Hélène Pierucci
  • Suresnes, France
  • courses
Initiation to leather with Hélène Pierucci
©Caroline Dejonghe

Enjoy a taste of leatherworking

2 days Max 4 people390 euros

Hélène Pierucci is offering a two-day workshop to learn the basics about the preparation of leather. Taking place in her atelier, this course is a combination of theory, technique and practice. Hélène starts with an introduction to leather, presenting the material and its characteristics. The second part becomes more practical, with participants learning how to cut and assemble the patterns. Participants will be introduced to different assembly and sewing techniques, such as the distinctive stitch, “le point sellier”. This two-day workshop is an opportunity to gain valuable insight into leather and experience this craft.

French, English, German
By appointment only
+33 (0)783923929

Enjoy an experience with Hélène Pierucci

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