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Hand-loom weaving workshop

  • with Marta Cucchia
  • Perugia, Italy
  • courses
Hand-loom weaving workshop with Marta Cucchia
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Basic Advanced

Learn the basics of hand weaving

1 day (6 hours) 1 person180 euros

This course is designed for individuals interested in understanding the ancient art of hand weaving in Umbria. It is held inside the workshop itself using an original 18th-century loom. The basic course is for those who have no weaving experience, and will introduce participants to basic weaving techniques. Topics covered during the day include the history of Umbrian weaving, dressing the loom, working with different patterns on original pedal and jacquard looms, and the preparation of card designs for jacquard looms. At the end of the day participants will take home the fabric they have created with their own hands.

Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 07540236

Enjoy an experience with Marta Cucchia

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