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Discovery tour

  • with Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Guided tour
Discovery tour with Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)

Learn more about musical instruments

1.5 hours Max 15 people102.50 euros per group

This is the ideal way to discover the museum on your first visit. Throughout the tour, families of instruments reveal themselves to visitors; harp, violoncello, trombone and xylophone are hiding in the most secret corners of the museum. Smaller children are encouraged to find them and enter into their world, while older ones not only discover the instruments, but also learn how to manage and look after them, finding the answer to the questions: why does an instrument enter the museum and how does one manage such a collection? The experience must be booked in advance and takes place from Tuesday to Sunday. Age group: 8-18 years old.

By appointment only
+32 25450130

Enjoy an experience with Musical Instruments Museum (MIM)

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