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©Olivier Minaire
©Olivier Minaire
©Olivier Minaire

Discover the potter’s wheel

  • with Claire Royer
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • courses
Discover the potter’s wheel with Claire Royer
©Olivier Minaire

A one-to-one experience at the potter’s wheel

2 hours 1 person150 euros

Claire Royer enjoys sharing her passion for ceramics by offering private classes in her studio for individuals, from beginner to more advanced levels, interested in working ceramics and discovering the technical gestures of throwing clay. The private 2-hour class can be booked beforehand according to the most convenient day and time. Claire will demonstrate and teach the basic techniques while enabling hands-on practice in using the smooth white sandstone clay to create simple bowl or cylindrical shapes with the potter’s wheel. All shaped pieces will not be kept at the end of the course as the emphasis is mainly on learning the turning gestures.

French, English, German
By appointment only
+352 691110479

Enjoy an experience with Claire Royer

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