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Ceramics workshop

  • with All-Russian Decorative Art Museum
  • Moscow, Russia
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Ceramics workshop with All-Russian Decorative Art Museum

Express your creativity through ceramics

2 hours1,600 rubles per person (under 16s 1,100 rubles)

Ceramicists often refer to themselves as some of the calmest people on earth because their craft is one of the most unpredictable. To stay and grow in the profession one needs to enjoy these surprises. Ceramicist Olga Veresk is an excellent guide into the craft, an expert with many skills under her belt. The studio may look messy – you will be dealing with raw clay – but do not fear, ceramics is an excellent way to express your natural creativity. Ceramicists use two types of coating – engobes and glazes – which behave differently when fired in the kiln. During the workshop you will make your own objects which will go through two firings in the kiln. The workshop is in Russian. It is recommended to purchase a combined ticket for two workshops at 3,000 rubles per person (under 16s 2,000 rubles), since one session gives a taste of the process, while two sessions allows you to really complete a piece. This experience is available on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm, by appointment only.

By appointment only
+7 (495) 6090146

Enjoy an experience with All-Russian Decorative Art Museum

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