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©Christiana Vardakou
©Christiana Vardakou
©Ioanna Morfinou

Batik dyeing

  • with Christiana Vardakou
  • Neo Psichiko, Greece
  • courses
Batik dyeing with Christiana Vardakou
©Christiana Vardakou

Learn the Batik natural dyeing method

5 hours Max 6 people75 euros per person

The artisan Christiana Vardakou presents a collective workshop to learn the Batik natural dyeing method. In the theoretical part, participants learn about the history and the Indonesian origins of the technique. They also become familiar with the different tools, as well as the mixture of beeswax and paraffin, which is characteristic of the technique. The second part of the course is dedicated to practice. Students will draw on cotton fabric using a small copper tool called tjanting, that holds melted wax. On the different samples, they will be able to experiment with the techniques and tools and discover how the colours react.

Greek, English
By appointment only
+30 2106772979

Enjoy an experience with Christiana Vardakou

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