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©Isabel Martins
©Isabel Martins
©Isabel Martins

Wild basketry

  • with Isabel Martins
  • Malcata, Portugal
  • courses
Wild basketry with Isabel Martins
©Isabel Martins

Off the beaten track basketry experience

5 hours Max 7 people40 euros per person

Basket weaver Isabel Martins lives in quiet Malcata where she creates decorative objects made of bracejo, a locally found bunchgrass scientifically known as stipa gigantea. She organises workshops to share her enthusiasm for her local craft and still quite unknown region. The course is hands-on. During an afternoon participants will patiently learn the technique while hearing more about the material, local history as well as the foraging, preparation and storage processes of bracejo. Isabel recommends a long weekend break so that visitors can enjoy an immersive stay in the middle of nature and share this special experience off the beaten track.

By appointment only
+351 963228207

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