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© Bianca Georgescu
© Bianca Georgescu
© Bianca Georgescu

Shoemaking workshop

  • with Bianca Georgescu
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • courses
Shoemaking workshop with Bianca Georgescu
© Bianca Georgescu

Learn to make footwear by hand

3 days ( 4-5 hours per day) 2-4 people400 euros per person

Bianca Georgescu invites you to an intensive shoemaking course covering all you need to know about handcrafting footwear, from size measuring, cutting patterns and leather, to composing, sewing and finishing. You will have all the necessary materials at your disposal (sole, insole, heels, leather etc.). The course is suitable for both beginners and those considering a career in footwear design. It will take place three days in a row, while the number of hours allocated each day can be extended, depending on the time required to complete each stage. At the end, the participants will leave with knowledge of making shoes by hand and the pairs they created. Registration by email or online.

Romanian, English, French, Italian
By appointment only
+40 727819824

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