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Paper art workshop

  • with Museum for Paper Art
  • Blokhus, Denmark
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Paper art workshop with Museum for Paper Art
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Explore the art of scissor work

Min 15 min Max 30 peopleMax 80 kr

Fine tune your finger skills and let creativity flow for a hands-on experience in the paper workshop of the Museum for Paper Art. Choose among a wide array of paper in lively colours and textures and explore the ancient art of psaligraphy in an atmosphere welcoming all levels and ages. The workshop has the scissors that are just right for you, and the book that will inspire you if needed. Easter letters, paper planes, boxes, lamp shades, invitations, table cards and even water bombs can be cut and folded out of paper. Don’t miss the silhouette cabinet, where one of the in-house artisans will assist you in creating your personal silhouette paper portrait. Also open to children aged 3-12 years, at a price of 40 kr.

Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
+45 60129492

Enjoy an experience with Museum for Paper Art

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