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© Marita Lumi
© Marita Lumi
© Marita Lumi

Make a silver piece

  • with Marita Lumi
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • courses
Make a silver piece with Marita Lumi
© Marita Lumi

Learn to handcraft a silver ring, earring or brooch

6-8 hours 1-8 people150 euros per person

This experience aimed at beginners gives you the possibility to create a ring, earring or brooch using 10 grams of silver the way you imagined it! Workshop master, Marita guides you through the material, teaching you silversmithing techniques such as soldering, cutting, drilling, filing, polishing and oxidizing. Besides learning the basic techniques, you have the opportunity to dive deeper and learn more complex techniques that are used when creating a ring or earrings. In addition, you can have your piece gold plated by the master.

Estonian, English, Portuguese, Russian
By appointment only
+372 5183468

Enjoy an experience with Marita Lumi

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