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Life in a Greek textile workshop

  • with Maria Grigoriou
  • Athens, Greece
  • Guided tour
Life in a Greek textile workshop with Maria Grigoriou
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Learn about artistic textile techniques

2 hours Max 6 people50 euros per person

Ebullient and passionate Maria Grigoriou will take you through her workshop explaining and showing the different techniques that come into play in her work: textile natural dyeing with local Greek plants, textile weaving techniques, ancient and modern, paper dyeing and folding, and finally wire hammering and sculpting. Each technique is often centuries-old, but has been refined and elevated with Maria’s imaginative know-how. Maria will also show you that techniques are useless if there is no inspiration and will describe her intellectual and emotional processes that transform matter into artistic forms.

Greek, English, French
By appointment only
+30 2108954278

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