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A history of porcelain

  • with Riga Porcelain Museum
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Guided tour
A history of porcelain with Riga Porcelain Museum
©Didzis Grodzs

Discover the story of Riga porcelain

1 hour Max 20 peopleFrom 8 euros per person

The guided tour at Riga Porcelain Museum is a voyage through the history of porcelain. During the tour, visitors learn about the museum’s collection and get acquainted with porcelain as a material and its manufacturing. In addition, one will learn about the rich history of the porcelain factories in Riga since the 19th century and their production. Even though there are no more porcelain factories in Riga, there are still many artists who continue to work in the material, exhibiting their artworks at the museum and giving an insight into the contemporary porcelain art. Participants must book in advance: three days prior if paying at the museum, two weeks prior if paying by transfer.

By appointment only
+371 67181296

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