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©Pietro Lucerni
©Pietro Lucerni
©Pietro Lucerni
©Pietro Lucerni
©Pietro Lucerni

Su Trobasciu

  • Weaving
  • Mogoro, Italy
  • Atelier
  • Open to the public
Su Trobasciu Weaving
By appointment only
+39 0783990581
©Pietro Lucerni

Su Trobasciu, an artisan cooperative established in 1978 by Sardinia region, is made up exclusively of women and continues the very long tradition of weaving in Mogoro village. Working with the loom was a solely feminine occupation, which has supplemented family incomes for centuries. Carpets, blankets, chest-covers, saddlebags, and tapestries make up the staple production. With the traditional manual looms, different techniques were developed: 'a bagas' for the tapestries, which give life to chromatic symphonies with precious wefts, and 'pibiones' for the carpets.

©Pietro Lucerni

Su Trobasciu boasts numerous collaborations with artists and designers, such as Carolina Melis, Mara Damiani and Violetta Scanu. The chosen materials are all natural fibres (Sardinian wool, cotton, linen, silk) except for the gilt and silvery yarns which embellish the wonderful tapestries in which you find the traditional patterns such as the unicorns, horses and flowers.

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