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© Siberian Carpet Manufactory
© Siberian Carpet Manufactory
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© Siberian Carpet Manufactory

Siberian Carpet Manufactory

  • Carpet making
  • Tyumen, Russia
  • Manufacturer
  • Guided tour only
Siberian Carpet Manufactory Carpet making
© Siberian Carpet Manufactory

Siberian Carpet Manufactory is Russia’s only enterprise that has preserved the traditional technology of manual Siberian carpet weaving, known in Russia since the 18th century. The manufacturer makes one-of-a-kind handmade carpets and follows in the footsteps of the manufacturer that made red carpets for the Kremlin. The manufacturer employs 22 artisans, who only use manual weaving techniques to make carpets. The principal weaving techniques performed by the artisans include pile, sumac (napless), terry and medley. The weavers make pile carpets and lint-free "smooth" (sumac) on vertical machines, and terry carpets - on horizontal machines.

© Siberian Carpet Manufactory

The carpets are made entirely of pure mutton wool or pure silk on cotton foundation. It takes between two and six months to complete a carpet, depending on is size and the techniques. One knot takes around 3 seconds, and each artisan typically makes up to 8000 double or 1.5 knots per their daily shift. The most popular decorations include floral or animal motifs, colourful folk art reproductions, and intricate oriental patterns. The manufacturer is also renowned for their bespoke carpets.

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