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Giorgio Santamaria

Giorgio Santamaria Leatherworker
Italian, English, French
Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
+39 0286997441
© Giòsa Milano

Crafting crocodile handbags

  • • Giorgio specialises in crocodile leather
  • • He creates bespoke pieces for international clients
  • • Giosa comes from the initials of his surname

Giorgio Santamaria began learning the art of working crocodile leather form his father Santo when he was a boy. Santo started a leather workshop in 1947 and Giorgio always helped him initially with small tasks and then progressed to the craft table. Since his early discovery of the craft, he has loved the art of leather working. His father used to cut leather and his mother used to sew it. As a boy, he covered his sailing boat with coloured cut-outs of leather. He fulfils clients design dreams by creating unique and personalized pieces tailored to customer needs. Crocodile products are expensive as they require a knowledge and skillset that is rare to come by, especially to master shaping it in a way to highlight its beauty.

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  • © Giòsa
  • © Giòsa Milano
  • © Giòsa Milano
  • © Giòsa Milano
  • © All rights reserved
Photo: © Giòsa
Maman Mini

Maman Mini is a classic clutch crafted in alligator leather with hand painted edges. It features internal pockets and a removable shoulder strap.

Width 23 cm
Height 11
Depth 6 cm

Giorgio Santamaria Leatherworker
Photo: © Giòsa Milano
Coralyne 21

Entirely handcrafted with alligator leather, this modern clutch combines internal pockets, a removable shoulder strap and a single handle for easy carrying. It features hand painted edges.

Width 21.5 cm
Height 14.5
Depth 6.5 cm

Giorgio Santamaria Leatherworker
Photo: © Giòsa Milano
Adèle G

The elegant Adèle G handbag was fully handcrafted and features two compartments and a double locker closure.

Width 30 cm
Height 23.5
Depth 8.5 cm

Giorgio Santamaria Leatherworker
Photo: © Giòsa Milano
Man Set

This timeless set for men is composed of a travelling bag, two briefcases, a key holder and two cardholders. Fully handcrafted in black crocodile leather they complement elegantly any outfit for a sophisticated occasion.

Giorgio Santamaria Leatherworker
Photo: © All rights reserved
Cover iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

These iphone 11 covers are fully handcrafted in pink crocodile leather. They come in a variety of colours and feature a microfibre interior and hand painted edges.

Giorgio Santamaria Leatherworker

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