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©Jesper Westley
©Jesper Westley
©Jesper Westley
©Jesper Westley
©Jesper Westley

Baltic Sea Glass

  • Glassblowing
  • Gudhjem, Denmark
  • Atelier
  • Open to the public
Baltic Sea Glass Glassblowing
Daily 10:00 - 17:00
+45 56485641
©Jesper Westley

Bornholm's dramatic nature and a glowing passion for the aesthetic and technical possibilities inspired the couple, Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner to found Baltic Sea Glass back in 1981. Since then, the studio located on the rocky coast of Bornholm has become a creative centre for some of the most talented glass blowers and the finest glass art. Rooted in the Danish design tradition, collections both of utility glass and Unika pieces are created and can be purchased in the open space shop-atelier area.

©Jesper Westley

Visitors can also experience glass blowing up close live. Here they can ask questions, take photos and see some Unika pieces unfold before them. Series like The Ocean, Snowflake, Corn, Beehive are inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding the studio, and the founders own artistic methods, where the finest craftsmanship meets a glowing passion for the endless possibilities of working with glass.

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