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Alexandra Mureșan

Alexandra Mureșan Glass sculptor
Romanian, English, French, Italian
By appointment only
+40 743053588
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Following her heart into glass art

  • • Many of Alexandra’s works are made from recycled glass
  • • She uses hot glass and coldworking techniques
  • • Her work juxtaposes traditional craft and contemporary art

Alexandra Mureșan fell in love with glass after visiting the Hentrich Glass Museum in Düsseldorf. She obtained her bachelor's and master's degrees in ceramics and glass from the University of Art and Design (UAD) in Cluj, after previously studying philosophy for four years. Highly appreciated in academic and artistic environments, in 2016 Alexandra received the summa cum laude distinction for her PhD research, entitled The Invisible and Unpredictable in the Contemporary Language of Glass Art. In 2013 she was awarded Germany's Jutta Cuny – Franz Memorial Award, which recognises outstanding talent and is granted every two years to artists who make significant use of glass in their work. Alexandra is now a lecturer at the Department of Ceramic, Glass and Metal of UAD.

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  • © Angus Mackay
  • © Angus Mackay
  • © Angus Mackay
  • © Tudor Păsat
  • © Mihai Andrei Popa
Photo: © Angus Mackay
Vaporous Memories 002

This glass sculpture was hot shaped and sandblasted. Alexandra imagined the piece as a portrait of the immaterial act of remembering. It embodies the way memories – 'vapours' from the past – translate into thoughts of the future.

Height 42 cm
Width 20 cm
Depth 20 cm

Alexandra Mureșan Glass sculptor
Photo: © Angus Mackay

The Greek word 'telos' means purpose. This thermoformed glass sculpture depicts the way a clear intent can guide our chaotic actions towards the accomplishment of that purpose.

Height 42 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 40 cm

Alexandra Mureșan Glass sculptor
Photo: © Angus Mackay
Levitation 001

The Levitation 001 glass sculpture was shaped using the thermoforming process. For Alexandra, the piece is about the act of ascending and aspiring towards something defying gravity.

Height 29 cm
Width 23 cm
Depth 23 cm

Alexandra Mureșan Glass sculptor
Photo: © Tudor Păsat

The eyes are the windows of the soul, as the saying goes. But imagine what it would be like if we really could gaze inside our mind as if looking through a window. This wall piece considers that idea. It was shaped using the thermoforming process.

Height 50 cm
Width 45 cm
Depth 45 cm

Alexandra Mureșan Glass sculptor
Photo: © Mihai Andrei Popa
Panta Rhei IV

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclit stated that in the universe, everything flows, and nothing ever stays the same. Glass is a paradoxical material, neither a solid nor a fluid per se. This work is a visual metaphor of the world's constant state of flux, which glass can portray so beautifully.

Height 75 cm
Width 73 cm
Depth 39 cm

Alexandra Mureșan Glass sculptor

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