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Emmanuel Boos

Emmanuel Boos Ceramicist
German, English, French, Spanish
By appointment only
+49 17656985718
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Ceramics in a new dimension

  • • Emmanuel was born in St Etienne in France
  • • He now lives and works in Paris and Mannheim
  • • He was an apprentice to French master Jean Girel

Emmanuel Boos cannot be defined by labels. A combination of artist, artisan and writer, he is unique in the world of ceramics. He discovered his craft at the age of 14, however, following the wishes of his parents, he pursued academic studies instead, while continuing to work in a pottery studio at the same time. After his studies he went to Korea and China to discover Asian porcelain, an experience that led him to spend a year back home focusing solely on ceramics. This became a year of reflection which brought new opportunities, and he has been working as a ceramicist ever since. He started to exhibit his work in 2002, and a year later had his first individual show, which caught the attention of galleries in Paris, Holland, Germany and the US.

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  • © Emmanuel Boos
  • © Jean-François-Jaussaud
  • © Gérard Jonca
  • © Emmanuel Boos
  • © Rebecca Fanuele Sèvres
Photo: © Emmanuel Boos
Ceramic piece

This is the first edition of a series of enclosed forms exploring the depth of enamel. With this work, Emmanuel aimed to express the inherent versatility of ceramics, which always oscillates between control and accident. By giving it this shape, both round and square, full and empty, he shows his acceptance of this dilemma.

Length 29 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 32 cm

Emmanuel Boos Ceramicist
Photo: © Jean-François-Jaussaud
Cheminée en bloc d'émaux

This fireplace mantel is composed of 41 shapes in sandstone or paper porcelain, coated with high temperature enamels. Each element is fixed individually and the whole can be fragmented and rearranged. Most of the pieces potentially work alone, in diptych or in small groups, allowing new sculptural arrangements.

Length 185 cm
Width 36 cm
Height 86 cm

Emmanuel Boos Ceramicist
Photo: © Gérard Jonca
Monolithe de Sèvres

The interior of this porcelain monolith has been removed in order to embrace the accidental deformations that happen during firing. It was covered with the traditional 'bleu de Sèvres' glaze, imitating the colour and grain of lapis lazuli. It was conceived to be placed on a wall, a table or even on the floor, depending on the owner's wishes.

Length 36 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 30 cm

Emmanuel Boos Ceramicist
Photo: © Emmanuel Boos
Ecroulée et battue

The insides of these porcelain pieces have been removed in order to embrace the accidental deformations that can happen during the creative process. For Emmanuel, their production was synonymous with liberation and even provocation, after his previous precise and contained works.

Length 30 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 33 cm

Emmanuel Boos Ceramicist
Photo: © Rebecca Fanuele Sèvres
Métaux refroidis

This piece was conceived as a colour palette and a way for Emmanuel to experiment with enamelling. It was conceived during his Sèvres residency, where he focused on the metallic effects created by certain enamels. Partial to minimalist shapes, he chose to use the cube here since it would allow him to observe the results of the enamelling vertically, horizontally and on the corners.

Length 6 cm
Width 6 cm
Height 6 cm

Emmanuel Boos Ceramicist

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